11 October 2014

July Adventures in Northumberland

  I've been a bit 'MIA' on this here blog o' mine since May, but R and I have spent most of the summer going on adventures with friends, visiting family (as well as being super busy at work and with home improvements still). It's great to be back, and I hope you've all been enjoying the summer months just as much as we have! :)

25 May 2014

May Adventures in Brighton

   As part of R's birthday celebrations (he turned 33 on Friday 16th May!), we decided to head 'darn sarth' to Brighton to catch up with R's bro, nephew and a few of our friends. We decided to drive down straight after work on the Friday afternoon and decided to stay for a long weekend, and did we 'eck chose a good weekend to go away on- the weather was amazing!

05 May 2014

2014 Walkabouts #2

   On Saturday, me and R met up with some of our friends to go on a walk down one of the four disused rail trails in East Yorkshire. We decided to do the Beverley to Market Weighton walk, however, we decided to start in Cherry Burton (which was kind of in the middle). R and I have done the walk before when we lived in Beverley last year, but this time we walked further than before. I think we walked for about three hours over all on Saturday which was fine because it's a pretty flat route and we were all busy spending the majority of our time chatting and catching up anyway. 

03 May 2014

Our Garden Snippets: May 2014

   Last night I decided to take a few photographs of our garden in bloom. Our garden's roughly around a quarter of an acre (1010 square meters) and we've got four mature trees; one apple, one plum and two oak. It's only been during the past couple of weeks we've noticed everything has started to spring back in to life again; even our one year old conifers have started to pick up after looking a bit worse for wear following the frosts we've had. We thought they had all died off at one point until we started running outside to feed them after eight o'clock on some nights.
   I really enjoyed having a slow potter around the garden while the sun was setting- I can't wait until our conifers grow in to a hedge though, then we can have a little privacy from the road (which means I can put a swing in the apple tree) and sit out reading a book ;0)
   The apple tree and plum tree gave us an awesome supply last year, so I'm hoping this year they will provide just as much (I'll have to remember to go out and pick them off the trees a bit earlier though otherwise there will be plenty of wasps munching on them again to fight off *shudders*).
   We've also noticed the wildlife around us has picked up too- we often see a male pheasant and his two lady friends using the garden as a cut through; we also saw two grey partridges in the hedgerow behind the house (a rare sight!) and we are anxiously waiting for the swallows to come back to their nest from last year as well. Oh and I saw a pair of Lapwings and their two chicks in a field not so far away too! I love where we live.

Has your garden started to spring back in to life lately?

P.S That male blackbird was totally photo-bombing my photo's... 
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