26 July 2015

Wishlist // Summer Picnic Essentials*

   In a few weeks we will be on our merry way to the North Yorkshire Moors for a camping trip with some good friends. We really do enjoy camping, and my favourite part is going for a walk, finding the perfect spot to sit down, gaze over the landscape and have a picnic!

  To really get me in the mood for our upcoming trip, I decided to generate a mood board focusing on my summer picnic essentials. Here are my top 5:

1 // Eurohike Retro Birdy Picnic Rug - no-one likes a wet bum after sitting on dewy grass! 
2 // Scion Snow Drop Bicycle Cushion - cushions make sitting down that little more comfortable.
3 // Country Deluxe 4 Person Picnic Set - I really like the pattern and the flask and blanket holders, such a good idea!
4 // Dickins & Jones Multi Blanket - great way to keep the chill off whilst eating your picnic.
5 // World Map Cup and Flask - R and I both have a slight obsession with maps, so this would be perfect for carrying our hot tea!

What are your summer picnic essentials?


* I was recently contacted by House of Fraser who explained they were having a Fashion and Home Clearance Event which inspired this post. Please check it out!

18 June 2015

Photo Diary // USA Road Trip // Part 5 - We're Married! (Las Vegas and Nelson Ghost Town)

   One month ago today I married the man who means the most to me in this world. I'm still completely made up and love him so so much. He challenges me and inspires me to step away from my comfort zone. He makes me laugh until my sides hurt and knows that I crave adventure in this life just as much as he does. He's gentle and kind and the best cook ever, but he's also talented and determined and I'm so proud of everything he has achieved to date. I'm so proud of everything we've achieved to date too. I cannot wait to see what our married years bring, and if the last 6 and a half years are anything to go by, it seems like it will be awesome no matter what.

[] Our hotel: The Luxor
[] Our Wedding Venue: Nelson Ghost Town
[] Our Reverend: Tim Rowland (Luv Bug Weddings)
[] Our Photographer: Pam Rowland (Luv Bug Weddings)
[] How we celebrated after the ceremony: Mexican food and tequila shots at Tacos and Tequila, then later, burgers and beers at Double Barrel Roadhouse.

-- x --

[] R wore: 
Shirt: Steel & Jelly
Suit: Spitalfields Clothing Co 
Shoes: John White

[] I wore: 
Dress: Chi Chi Diana 
Shoes: Irregular Choice  

Dress: Boohoo Daisy Holographic Sequin Mini 
Shoes: Irregular Choice

[] Wedding Rings:
Hand-crafted by Ed at The Wood Hut